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Endings and Beginnings

Happy New Year!

So, 2014 has ended and a new year has begun.

I hope you could finish last year with few regrets and many things to be grateful for. As for me, although there were some things I wish I’d done differently, I can think of several experiences and people I met that left me with good memories.

And this last year I got to spend New Year’s Eve in a special way. I usually spend it in my grandma’s house with the rest of my family but this time I spent it at a beach. I came to Barbados a few weeks ago with my mother to spend the holidays together with my brother, who moved here last August.

Fireworks display at Pebbles Beach

We went to a beach called Pebbles because we heard it was a popular spot to spend New Year’s eve. We brought some food and drinks and sat there waiting for the fireworks display at midnight. This beach is located between two mayor hotels so each one of them has its own display. As expected, there were many people on the beach that night. Some brought their tents and BBQ grills, and others made campfires. It was a nice atmosphere!

Close to midnight, a friend of my brother’s came by to say hi, and we watched the fireworks together. They didn’t last long but they were very pretty! No picture can do it justice, though! 🙄 We chatted for a while more and then went back home.

Sandy Beach, on the South Coast

I intended to get up early and get a lot of things done on the first day of the year, but I failed. But anyway, we went to another beach in the afternoon. I swam to my heart’s content so I guess I can check “exercise more often” from my New Year’s resolution list. I’m kidding, I didn’t make a list, but it was nice 😉

We drove to a nearby bar afterwards and watched the sunset while having some food.

The first sunset of the year in Accra Beach!

And that’s how I spent my ending and beginning of the year. Every ending is just a new beginning, isn’t it?

How was yours?


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